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At Home Properties is a real estate investment firm specializing in short-term corporate rentals. At Home offers a guaranteed long-term lease program that ensures that you get paid your rent, on-time, every month, regardless of property occupancy… period.

You, as the property owner enter into a lease agreement with At Home. This agreement gives us the right to sub-lease the property and guarantees you rental income every month, regardless of occupancy.

By catering to guests requiring furnished units on short term leases, At Home is able to charge a premium, allowing us to manage the property at no cost to you.


The Basics.

The Essential Elements of At Home
Guaranteed Rent On-Time

We give you peace of mind by setting up automatic payments to you regardless of occupancy.

Professional Corporate Clients

We market to and attract traveling business professionals seeking a centrally-located, well kept home.

Meticulously Maintained

We professionally decorate and maintain our listings with on-call professional cleaners and maintenance staff.

5-Star Experiences

We take great pride in making sure that everyone's experience with any of our leased properties is top notch.

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Our team.

Working Hard For You
Jackie Steiner

Founder & CEO

Maid Service

Professional Cleaners

Maintenance Service

Handles Minor Repairs

National Insurance

Insured for Damage & Liability

Exceeding Expectations

For Property Owners & Clients

Team Effort

We Couldn't Do It Alone

Corporate Clients

Prescreened With Deposits

Picture Perfect

Always Cleaned & Maintained



You've got questions. We've got answers.

Two primary items: location and deferred maintenance. We pride ourselves on providing quality housing in specific, centrally-located geographic areas.

We maintain a reserve fund of 3 months rent for every property to make certain you are secure. Note that as of this writing, we have never had to tap into the reserve fund.

At Home is 100% responsible for repairing any occupant-caused damage, coordinating all repairs and maintenance, paying the utilities AND we will pay you rent even if the property is unoccupied.

We generate revenue by charging premiums to our guests for providing fully furnished units in well-located areas for a short-term stay.

If we default on any terms of our agreement, you have the right to end the agreement and take over as landlord.

If you default on any terms of our agreement, we have the right to end the agreement and let you take over as landlord.

Failing to promptly address an issue at the property that negatively impacts the guest’s quality of life (heating, A/C, plumbing) would be considered a default on the terms of our agreement. Also, failing to disclose a problem with the property, like a pest control issue beforehand would be considered a default as well.

If the cost of the repair is less than the monthly rent At Home will pay for it upfront and deduct it from the next month’s rent. If the cost of the repair is above the monthly rent you are responsible for paying for the repair upfront. All invoices are submitted to you and At Home does not charge any premiums over and above the actual costs incurred.

Unfortunately, no. We require that all repairs be handled by a highly trained professional to ensure that they are completed to the highest level of workmanship possible. If there are any repairs that you’d like to make, please do so BEFORE you sign into an agreement with At Home.

Absolutely! You are still the owner. No depreciation, voting rights or equitable interest are being transferred. This is just a long term guaranteed lease with the right to sublet, nothing more, nothing less.
Great! Here is the order of events:
  • Complete the property qualification form on our home page
  • If your property qualifies, we will schedule an appointment to meet at the property
  • Tour property and discuss the terms of the lease agreement
  • We sign the lease and At Home furnishes the property
  • You sit back, relax and collect your check!

Why Select Us?

Here are a few of the reasons to choose At Home

We work tirelessly to ensure that property owners and clients have better experiences with At Home than they would anywhere else.

Superb Micro

We are constantly checking and rechecking the property to make sure that everything is in tip-top shape and meets or exceeds our standards.


Not only does At Home furnish the space, but we also handle professional photography, daily/weekly cleanings, and all minor repairs to the property.


Our clients are business and leisure travelers who, on average, earn $75,000 annually. They are prescreened for identification, and provide a deposit!

Rent Payments

We set up and in most cases automate each month’s rent ahead of time, so that you can rest assured that checks from At Home are on their way!


By leasing to At Home you are ensuring that you, as the property owner, will have the best experience with a renter as humanly possible!

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Did we mention: Pet Free, Smoke Free, Little/No Use of Appliances, Less Water Usage, Lower Wear & Tear, AND Fully Insured!!!


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